Upcoming BoA Works Pilot survey

To: BoA Pilot Participants

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Accounts Payable

Reason: Upcoming BoA Works Pilot survey

Date: July 6, 2021

Thank you for your participation in the Bank of America Works (BoA Works) Pilot. The pilot has been running for three months, and we want to take this time to express our appreciation for your willingness to test a new process. We recognize the attention and diligence required by pilot participants. We also are making you aware that in the coming weeks, you will receive a BoA Works Pilot survey to facilitate sharing your feedback. The survey will be sent from SSC Communications, and you will receive it in mid-July with a request to complete it by July 30. The goal of the survey is to help us make necessary adjustments and decisions about this process. Your participation is vital, and we welcome all feedback. Please contact pcard if you have any questions.

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