Urgent: Leave Liability Report preparation

To:                 Management Council Members, Chief Human Resource Officers, and Agency TLAM Contacts

From:            Shared Services Center

Area:             Time, Labor, and Absence Management (TLAM)

Reason:        Urgent: Leave Liability Report preparation

Date:             June 28, 2023

As noted on June 7, 2023, due to the finalization of the Veteran Leave build in HCM, there is a delay in providing the annual Leave Liability instructions and documentation. We appreciate your patience as we worked through this process. Please refer to the information below for guidance on completing the Fiscal Year-End activity for Leave Liability.

The SSC will be publishing the first draft of your agency’s Leave Liability Report to each college folder on SharePoint on Friday, June 30.

To produce the most accurate results, please ensure that all absence requests for Leave Year 2022-2023 have been submitted and approved by the close of business on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Agencies may use the VX_AM_TAKES_NOT_PROCESSED query to identify any absence requests that have not been processed. Guidance can be found in the document: Leave Liability Report Instructions.

Agencies may also use the VX_HR_LEAVE_LIAB_QRY query to validate employees’ absence balances and make any necessary corrections before running the Leave Liability Report. For additional information, see the document, Producing the Leave Liability Query, located on SharePoint.

Agencies will need to perform the remaining procedures in the year-end reporting process outlined by DOA. Please refer to the Leave Liability Report Instructions for more details.

All supporting documents are housed on SharePoint here:  Absence Management-Leave Liability Reporting

If you have not already logged into the updated SharePoint site, please follow the attached instructions to do so. Once logged in, the links in this memo will work appropriately.

Reminder: During a past audit from the APA, it was noted that there are irregularities in employee benefit service dates. The college must ensure that the employee is on the correct leave plan based on their state service history. Incorrect calculations of the benefits service date will result in wrong accrual rates. Please check your reports carefully and correct any discrepancies. The Leave Liability Report is posted to your college SharePoint folder quarterly and is intended to be reviewed and verified for your college’s employees.

****As of June 24, 2023, the Leave Liability Report Annual Leave column includes Veteran Leave. Please refer to the Leave Liability Report-Column Definitions for these specific updates.  ****

Please distribute this information to all appropriate parties.

If you have any questions, please contact us at SSCHRO_HRMS@ssc.vccs.edu.

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