Background Check Vendor Applicant Insight

To: Management Council Members and CHROs
From:  Shared Services Center
Area: Human Resources
Reason: Background Check Vendor Applicant Insight
Date: January 12, 2021
Re: Updated Pricing for Background Check Packages

As previously communicated, the increased fees from third-party vendors for employment and education verification raised many concerns from our colleges. To reduce costs and provide the college with control over additional fees incurred by third-party, the college responses were in favor of standardizing a process that would provide the college an option to approve moving forward with any third-party verification for education or employment. Applicant Insight has adjusted their process and provided the attached price list which reflects the updated fees for packages that include employment or educations verification. In addition to the attached price list, Applicant Insight has provided the following:

Pass-through fees:    Pass-through fees are service fees from state/county court systems and 3rd party vendors. These fees are unavoidable, and many background companies increase the fee/s before passing them on to their customers. Applicant Insight passes the fees directly on to VCCS with no markup.

For employment and education verification, Applicant Insight attempts to obtain the verification directly but 85% of verifications go through a third-party vendor such as The Work Number or The National Student Clearinghouse/Degree Verify. To assist with cost concerns, Applicant Insight will perform the following:

Applicant Insight will separate employment and/or education verification services ordered within a package so the criminal searches may complete processing. They will attempt to obtain the verification first but if a third-party vendor is required to complete the verification they notify the requestor and wait for a response before moving forward with processing.

* Note: Criminal background requests will continue to complete while the verification, (education or employment) may experience delays. Assume 85% of the verifications will have to go through a 3rd party. Overall candidate turnaround time experience may be affected along with contingency hiring concerns.

If there are any questions, please contact the HR Operations Manager, Adina Slyter at

VCCS Pricing Applicant Insight


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