Executive Directive 2

To: Management Council Members, VPs of Finance, and all eVA end users

From: Shared Services Center

Area: Procurement

Reason: Executive Directive 2

Date: January 19, 2022

Dear Colleges,

As you know, our new Governor took office on Saturday, January 15, 2022 and began his term with several executive actions (https://www.governor.virginia.gov/executive-actions/#orders). One of the directives (ED-2), rescinds ED-18. There is language in the Executive Directive that will impact our Colleges in two specific ways:

  • Ensuring that KN95 masks are "available to employees and visitors at every state building"
  • Ending the vendor ED-18 Certification process as a result of "rescinding Executive Directive Number 18 (2021)"

Ordering KN-95s:

"The Department of General Services shall work with private providers to ensure that KN95 masks are available to employees and visitors at every state building".

In order to fulfill this provision of the Executive Directive, we recommend that we leverage our existing ordering process, since KN95s are to be procured through our mandatory source partner, VDC, as follows:

  • SSC has contacted DGS / VDC (our mandatory source) to inquiry stock levels and VDC has responded with recommendation to follow their standard process:
    • Colleges will place orders directly with VDC to meet their KN-95 mask needs
    • If VDC is unable to fulfill an order, the College can request a waiver and attach it to a requisition to another vendor or comment to SSC to obtain the waiver
  • SSC has reached out to some alternative state contracted suppliers to inquiry stock levels and has received responses in the range of ‘no stock’ to ‘some stock’
  • Please note:
    • That Colleges will then be able to use an alternative supplier, if VDC provides a waiver
    • There may be stock available through VDH or VDEM upon College request (System Office is inquiring with VDH and VDEM – if stock is available, we will send an update)

As always, the SSC wants to partner with our Colleges and the VDC to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, faculty and students is not compromised.

Rescinding ED-18 Vendor Certification process:

Since the ED-2 rescinds ED-18, we will be stopping the associated vendor certification process.

ED-18 required that "Executive Branch Employees and state contractors who enter the workplace or who have public-facing work duties must disclose their vaccine status to the designated agency personnel." In order to implement this portion of former ED-18, the SSC notified the vendors and started collecting certifications from vendors with our Colleges support.

We will no longer be tracking the certification status of our vendors. As such, Colleges no longer need to check the certification status. The SSC will send a communication regarding ED-2 to our vendors our contracted VCCS vendors.

Please note, the VCCS will continue to comply with existing regulations regarding workplace safety. Therefore, the Chancellor’s existing indoor masking mandate remains in effect and pertains to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people when community transmission levels are significant or high.

We greatly appreciate your collaboration. Please let us know if you need additional support or guidance while fulfilling the Governor's mandate.

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