Optional Life Enrollment and Beneficiary Designation-myVRS online portal resolution

To: Management Council, Chief Human Resource Officers, and Agency Onboarding Contacts
From:  SSC Onboarding
Area: Hire to Retire
Reason: Avature Onboarding Task changes
Date: June 22, 2022
Re: Optional Life Enrollment and Beneficiary Designation-myVRS online portal resolution

The Onboarding Team has been advised by VRS that the issues with the Commonwealth myVRS system which allows employees to determine enrollment in optional life and to designate benefactors through the VRS online service have been resolved.

Effective July 1, 2022, SSC will enable the onboarding tasks that direct the new hire to complete these documents through the VRS online system and will disable the requirement for the election and designations to be made by downloading and uploading a pdf through Avature.

Please note below the workflow steps required to complete each of these tasks in Avature:

  • The employee receives an email notification with directions to access the VRS online service (one for enrollment and one for designation) and individual directives to revisit their Avature portal to finalize each task
  • The employee will finalize the task by accessing their portal and indicating the elections are complete. The employee has the option to upload a copy of the enrollment and/or designation (for HR record-keeping)
  • The College HR/Benefits person receives an email notification that the new hire’s task is complete. If form/s were uploaded, they will be maintained in the employee’s Avature File storage.
  • College HR/Benefits can retrieve the form(s) from the employee’s Avature File storage and retain them according to your internal processes.
  • College HR/Benefits will finalize the task by clicking the link in the above-noted email to acknowledge receipt.

As noted in the communication in April 2022, we were unsure if VRS notified agency Benefits Specialists of their system issue, and we suggested you review your employee files back to October 2021 to ensure that a designation of beneficiary exists for each benefit either in hard copy or online through their myVRS account.

In addition, we conducted an audit of the Optional Group Life Enrollment process to confirm that payroll deductions were being withheld. Our audit identified a small number of employees with an enrollment form present in Avature that do not appear to have a corresponding deduction. The Onboarding Team will be reaching out to College HR with this information to determine the next steps to ensure the enrollment has been properly shared with Securian and Payroll.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact onboarding@ssc.vccs.edu.

Thank you!

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