PeopleAdmin Updates

To:  Management Council Members, CHROs, and Agency ATS Contacts
From:  Shared Services Center
Area:  Applicant Tracking
Reason:  PeopleAdmin Updates
  April 26, 2023

We are pleased to share the following updates made to the PeopleAdmin system:

To ensure data in the VCCS HCM and PeopleAdmin are consistent, we have marked duplicate and inactive positions in PeopleAdmin with an “-h” after the position number to indicate the position is either a historical position in PeopleAdmin or no longer active in HCM.

If you identify two versions of one position, you will use the version without the “-h”.

  • Example: Position # 28001873 (active), Position # 280001873-h (duplicate/historical)

If you identify a position with “-h” after the position number and do not see the second position number without the “-h” to use, please reach out to SSC Hire to Retire to update the position in HCM to make the position active. This will interface with PeopleAdmin and update the position.

  • Example:  Position # 280R0002-h (inactive), there is no other position to use

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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