Reminder: Random Internal Audits of PCard Transactions

To:                  Management Council Members; VPs of Finance; Pcard Holders, Approvers, and Program Administrators
From:            Shared Services Center
Reason:        Reminder: Random Internal Audits of PCard Transactions
Date:              January 29, 2024

Dear Colleges,

This is a friendly reminder that SSC Procurement has begun random internal audits of PCard transactions. This activity is a necessary part of VCCS’ change to bypass entering over-the-counter transactions into eVA. If you receive a request from a member of our SSC Procurement team for your PCard transaction information, please follow the instructions and help us continue enjoying this new process that eliminates the requirement of eVA requisition entry for your over-the-counter purchases.

Please note we will be making the following improvements to the process going forward:

  • We will begin copying your PCard Program Administrator.
  • We will be requesting audit information via encryption for security purposes.If you have any questions, you may contact the SSC Customer Engagement Team at 877-340-557 or

Thank you,

SSC Procurement

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