New TLAM Queries

To:                 Management Council Members, CHROs, and Agency TLAM Contacts

From:            Shared Services Center (SSC)

Area:             Time, Labor, and Absence Management (TLAM)

Reason:        New TLAM Queries

Date:             January 22, 2024

After working closely with the System Office IT Department, the SSC TLAM team is excited to announce new and enhanced queries to assist with TLAM data management:

VX_AM_VALIDATE_LEAVE_PLN query will assist with determining the correct data set up and leave plans.

VX_TL_PAYGROUPS query includes Paygroup, Empl ID, Rcd # and Cov Id.

VX_TL_TIMESHEET_LAST_UPDATE query will provide you with the name and timestamp of the person who last updated an employee’s timesheet.

VX_HR_ACTIVE_JOB_SCHEDULES query will identify employees' Work Schedules. Blank fields indicate the employee is missing a Work Schedule and requires action to avoid Payable Time issues. This is only required for Salary Nonexempt employees.

VX_TL_PAYABLE_TIME_WORKWEEK query includes all reported time (hours worked, holiday, inclement weather, etc.) and can be used to monitor incomplete workweeks and/or overtime liability.

VX_TL_OUTSTANDING_EXCPTNS_ALL query has no restrictions to date range but please note that clearing OLD exceptions may move reported time to Payable Time and interface to Cardinal. Please reach out to before you clear any exception between 9-10-22 to the present.

Please share this information with all appropriate parties and contact with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


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