UPDATE: Leave Carryover Queries delayed

To:                 Management Council Members, CHROs, and Agency TLAM Contacts

From:            Shared Services Center

Area:             Time, Labor, and Absence Management (TLAM)

Reason:        UPDATE: Leave Carryover Queries delayed

Date:             January 18, 2024

The Excess Leave Carryover queries have been posted to your agency SharePoint folder for pay group 070 only. We have found that the query does not return results for pay groups 071 and/or 077.

The SSC and the Systems Office technical team are working together to get the query corrected. During the interim, we have found a workaround. Query VX_AM_CALENDAR_GROUP_BAL has been posted to your agency SharePoint folder HERE . This query can be sorted by Pay Group, then by Leave plans 11 and 36.

Please share this information with all appropriate parties and contact SSCHRO_HRMS@ssc.vccs.edu  if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


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