Reminder – Procure to Pay Business Rule Changes


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Reminder - Procure to Pay Business Rule Changes


January 17, 2024

Dear Colleges,

Reminder: As approved by our SSC Governance Councils, the following two changes went into effect on Tuesday, January 2, 2024:  



Current Process

New Process



Over-the-Counter Purchases

Purchases made at the vendor’s site and paid for at the site with a PCard

Colleges need to enter requisitions ahead of the purchase or at minimum as a confirming order


Colleges will need to upload or attach purchase support documents to their PCard logs


Colleges need to respond timely to random internal audits lead by SSC Procurement Compliance

Please note: Requisition entry in eVA will no longer be required

Colleges are strongly encouraged to review the training content attached to this communication as follows:


The attached slide deck provides the following:

  1. Overview slides 1-7
  2. Detailed information slides 8-22
  3. Exception & form process slides 23-43


The attached checklist is a desktop guide meant to assist card holders purchase compliantly (the checklist is not intended to be submitted).



A one-time payment for a special service for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required. If a fee is determined it is not set by the recipient and can not be paid to a 3rd party.

Colleges need to enter requisitions


Colleges may complete a voucher request, if needed


Colleges need to keep appropriate documentation on file at the college

Please note: Requisition entry in eVA will no longer be required


*Official Definitions:

  • The Department of General Services defines over-the-counter small purchase charge card (SPCC) purchases as those made at the site of the sale and picked up by the individual card holder (APSPM 14.9.e.1).  
  • An honorarium is a one-time payment for a special, non-recurring service for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required. There is no contract, the fee is not set or negotiated by the recipient, and the honorarium may not be paid to a third party (corporation, business, or partnership). If payment is negotiated and agreed upon, it would be considered a contractual agreement, not an honorarium.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These VCCS Business Rule updates do not supersede local college policy and/or procedures.  

You may contact the SSC Customer Engagement Team at 877-340-5577 or with any questions.

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