TLAM Reminder for New Year Leave Processing

To: Chief Human Resource Officers and Agency TLAM Contacts
From: Shared Services Center
Area: Time and Labor and Absence Management
Reason: Upcoming Leave Activities – College Action Required
Date: December 17, 2021
Re: TLAM Reminder for New Year Leave Processing

As we near the end of 2021, we’d like to review the New Year Leave activities that will occur here at the SSC and also the responsibilities at the college level.

The SSC will begin the New Year Leave Calendar process on 1/12/2022, by publishing the Excess Leave Carryover Query to each SharePoint SSC College Folder. We will begin processing New Year Leave calendars on 1/19 and finish on 1/20, as shown in the calendar below. Employees can expect to see their new year VSDP balances on 1/21/2022, which are effective for use starting on 1/10/2022. For more detailed information on when these processes will occur, please review the current TLAM Activities Calendar, specifically the tab labeled “Calendar Detail View.”

Three activities are to be managed by the HR at each agency in the timeframe listed below, 1/13-1/18. Instructions are attached for performing these activities:

  • Manual Entry of Approved Excess Carryover for Classified Staff
  • Actions required for New Hires/Transfers between 12/25/21 & 1/10/22 who receive Leave Benefits
  • Reload Short Term Disability and Parental Leave Balances

Please contact SSCHRO_HRMS if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a safe and happy holiday break!

activities calendar

2022 HR Staff Responsibilities for New Leave Year Processes (002).docx

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